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Traditional Porch Steps Rebuilt

Pulling off the treads and risers revealed rotted stringers. This is the result of lumber resting directly on ground and having no chance to dry out due to construction without gaps between treads and risers.

New stringers cut from pressure treated lumber and resting on concrete patio blocks.

The treads and risers installed with 1/4" gaps to allow water to drain and air to flow through. I was able to re-use the treads to save money on materials. Freshly painted with 2 coats of oil-based porch & deck.


Add-on, basement level structure covered in commercial-grade grower's plastic. Door is flanked with two removeable "window" panels. Client completed the stonework.

Kitchen Cabinet Add-in

Kitchen countertops were updated. The client wanted to use the space created beneath this newly installed short countertop section. After discussion of various options, we decided to use an in-stock cabinet that resembles the existing cabinetry to save time and money.

An overhead cabinet was cut down to reduce the depth. A "kick" was added for the base. It takes a second look to notice the minor detail differences between existing and new cabinets. The client plans to refinish all cabinetry at later date.

Elimination of Visual Clutter

Behind a toliet the open shelving left supplies exposed to view.
The existing shelving was replaced and a cabinet "false-front" was installed.

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